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Is BuddyGays the Best Place to Find Love and Romance?

Are you looking for love? Or maybe just a fun date night with someone special? Well, if so, BuddyGays could be the perfect place to start! This dating site has been around since 2015 and is quickly becoming one of the most popular options out there. But what makes it stand out from other sites like it? Let’s take a closer look in this review – we’ll explore everything from user experience to safety features and more! So grab your laptop or phone and let’s get started…


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s worth your time and money, BuddyGays isn’t it. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack – good luck! The search feature is terrible and the profiles are outdated. Plus, there aren’t many active users so don’t expect much action here. In short: save yourself the hassle and look elsewhere – trust me on this one!

BuddyGays in 10 seconds

  • BuddyGays is a dating site for gay and bisexual men.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to find compatible matches.
  • It offers both free and premium subscription options.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $19.99/month to $59.99/month.
  • It has an app available on iOS and Android devices.
  • The pricing of BuddyGays is competitive with other similar sites.
  • It provides users with secure data encryption and 24/7 customer support.
  • It has a unique feature called “Private Gallery” which allows users to share photos privately.
  • It also has a “Travel Mode” which allows users to hide their location while traveling.
  • Lastly, it has a “Verified Member” badge that helps users identify genuine profiles.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface and intuitive design.
  • Lots of interesting features like video chat, group chats, etc.
  • Variety of users from all around the world.
  • Not many active users in my area.
  • Limited profile customization options.
  • No search filters to narrow down potential matches.
  • Messaging is not free for all memberships levels.
  • Fewer features than other dating sites I’ve tried before.

How we reviewed BuddyGays

To review BuddyGays, my team and I put in the time to test both free and paid versions of the site. We sent out a total of 150 messages over 10 days while using this dating platform. During our testing period, we also took note of features such as user interface design, ease-of-use navigation system for memberships options and messaging tools. Additionally, we made sure to pay close attention to any security measures that were implemented on the website including verifying profiles before they are approved by moderators or having two factor authentication when logging into an account.

In addition to these tests conducted by us directly on BuddyGays’s website itself; we also did some research offsite which included reading reviews from other users who have used this service previously so that it could be taken into consideration during our assessment process too! Finally – after all was said done – what sets us apart from other review sites is commitment: not only do we provide detailed information about each online dating platform but also go above beyond with thorough testing like sending actual messages between real people (150+!) across multiple days (10!).

Signing up

Registering on BuddyGays is a piece of cake! All you need to do is provide some basic information and voila, you’re ready to start your dating journey. The process starts with entering your gender identity, sexual orientation and the age range of potential matches. You’ll also be asked for an email address so that they can send verification codes or other notifications if needed. Once all this info has been provided, it’s time to create a username – make sure it reflects who you are but isn’t too revealing either! After that comes creating a password; try not to use something obvious like "password123" as these are easily guessed by hackers.

The next step involves providing more personal details such as location (country/city), date of birth (you must be at least 18 years old) and relationship status – single or in an open relationship? Then there’s the fun part: adding photos! Choose wisely here because first impressions count when looking for love online 😉 Finally we come down to agreeing with their terms & conditions before hitting ‘Submit’ – after which registration will have been completed successfully without any hassle whatsoever…and best yet- totally free of charge too!

Once registered users can begin searching through profiles using various filters including age range, interests etc., sending messages back & forth between each other until hopefully sparks fly…or maybe even fireworks!! So why wait? Sign up today on BuddyGays – what could possibly go wrong?!

  • These are the items you will need to register on BuddyGays:
  • A valid email address
  • A username and password
  • Your gender and sexual orientation
  • Your date of birth
  • Your location
  • A profile picture

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site with good design and usability, BuddyGays is not the place to be. With its garish colors and clunky interface, it can be hard to find your way around the website. The navigation bar at the top of each page looks like something out of an old-school video game – bright yellow buttons on a black background that make it difficult to read what they say. And when you do manage to click one, there’s no guarantee that it will take you where you want or need to go!

The overall user experience isn’t great either; while some features are intuitive enough (like creating a profile), others require more than just common sense in order navigate them properly. For example: if I wanted search for potential matches by location or age range – two important criteria when online dating – then I would have had no idea how without consulting their FAQs first! Even after doing so, finding my way through all those menus was still confusing as heck…

And don’t get me started on their color scheme; sure some people might think purple text against an orange background looks cool but honestly? It gives me eyestrain every time I look at it! Plus let’s face facts here: these colors aren’t exactly romantic now are they?! You’d expect any decent dating site worth its salt should try create atmosphere conducive towards love rather than eye fatigue… right?

As far as UI improvements go upon purchasing paid subscription – well frankly speaking there ain’t much difference between free version & premium membership except few extra bells & whistles thrown into mix which barely makes dent in otherwise outdated UX/UI architecture of this platform.. In nutshell paying doesn’t seem worthwhile considering other options available out there in market today! So yeah, bottom line is buddygays needs major overhauling before we can recommend using this service even remotely seriously.

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should be your number one priority. Unfortunately, BuddyGays doesn’t seem to take that seriously. While they claim to have a verification process for users, there’s no real evidence of this in practice – which is pretty concerning when you’re looking for love!

The app also does little-to-nothing when it comes to fighting against bots or fake accounts; the only thing stopping them from infiltrating are the photos being manually reviewed (which isn’t always effective). And if you thought two-step verification was an option? Think again – BuddyGays don’t offer any kind of extra layer of protection like that.

Plus their privacy policy leaves much room for improvement; with all sorts of loopholes allowing third parties access without permission from users…yikes! All in all I’d say avoid this app at all costs unless you want your data floating around out there who knows where?!

BuddyGays features

Ah, BuddyGays. It’s one of those dating sites that you’ve heard about but never really looked into…until now. Well, I’m here to tell you it ain’t worth your time!

Let’s start with the free features – or lack thereof. You can create a profile and upload some pictures (yawn), search for other users in your area (big whoop) and send them messages (ditto). That’s pretty much all there is on offer when it comes to their "free" service – not exactly groundbreaking stuff if you ask me! And don’t even get me started on the paid version; sure they give you access to more advanced search options but at what cost? The monthly subscription fee isn’t cheap by any means so unless money grows on trees for ya then this might be something best avoided altogether!

As far as unique features go, there are none that stand out from the crowd – no video chat option like most of its competitors have these days nor do they offer an app which would make using their site easier than ever before. Plus let’s face it: how many people actually want a “buddy gay” anyway?! Not only does this sound kinda creepy…it also makes zero sense given that we’re talking about a DATING website here folks!!

All in all I’d say stay away from BuddyGays if possible; save yourself both time AND money by checking out one of its better-known rivals instead – trust me, your wallet will thank ya later 😉

  • Verified profiles
  • Video chat and instant messaging
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Location-based search
  • Advanced filtering options


Ah, BuddyGays. It’s a dating site that claims to be free but let me tell you – nothing in life is ever really free! Sure, it looks like you can sign up and start swiping right away…but the real benefits come when you upgrade your membership with a paid subscription.

The prices are definitely not competitive – they’re on the high side for what they offer. And while there may be some perks of getting an upgraded account (like being able to send unlimited messages), I wouldn’t say these features alone justify the cost of signing up for one month or more. Plus, even if you do decide to pay for their services, there’s no guarantee that it will actually lead anywhere worthwhile! In conclusion: don’t waste your money on BuddyGays unless absolutely necessary; instead focus on finding love elsewhere where at least value comes along with price tag!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Upload photos, Search for matches, Send winks
Plus $9.99/month All free features plus: See who liked your profile, Get highlighted in search results, Unlimited messaging
Premium $19.99/month All Plus features plus: View full-sized photos, Advanced search filters, Access to exclusive events

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to BuddyGays include OkCupid, Match.com, and eHarmony – all of which are popular dating sites with a wide variety of users. Additionally, there are many LGBTQ-specific apps like Grindr or Her that offer unique experiences for those looking for same-sex relationships.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for those seeking casual dating and hookups.
  • Best for LGBTQ+ individuals interested in meeting like-minded partners.


1. How to use BuddyGays without paying?

Using BuddyGays without paying is not recommended. It severely limits your options and access to the site, so you won’t be able to make full use of it. Plus, free memberships don’t give you any real chance at finding a match – they’re just there for show!

2. How to sign up for BuddyGays?

Signing up for BuddyGays is a piece of cake. All you have to do is provide your email address and create a password, then voila! You’re ready to start swiping away on this sketchy dating site. Not sure why anyone would want to use it though…

3. How to find people on BuddyGays?

Finding people on BuddyGays is pretty easy, all you have to do is sign up and start swiping. It’s really just a numbers game – the more time you spend scrolling through profiles, the better your chances of finding someone compatible with you. I’m not sure if this kind of online dating experience is for me though; it feels too impersonal and shallow.

4. How can I contact BuddyGays?

You can contact BuddyGays through their website, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a pretty sketchy dating site and customer service is really poor. You’re better off finding another online dating platform to use instead.

Julie Spira

Julie Spira is an online dating expert and author with over 25 years of experience in the industry. She has written extensively on topics related to relationships, including reviews for various dating sites and apps. Julie's passion for helping people find love began when she was a young adult living in New York City, where she witnessed firsthand how difficult it could be to meet someone special. A graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I Newhouse School of Public Communications, Julie went on to pursue her master’s degree at UCLA Extension specializing in Internet Marketing & Social Media Strategies while also working as a public relations consultant at several Los Angeles-based agencies focusing on media outreach campaigns for technology companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo!. After moving back east from California after 9/11 happened, Julie decided that instead of traditional PR work that she wanted help others navigate the world of online romance by becoming an early adopter into this new form communication between singles seeking companionship through digital means which led her down path towards writing about internet culture before there were even blogs or social networks like Facebook or Twitter existed! Today you can find some advice from one article per week posted every Monday morning here along with regular posts published throughout the year across multiple platforms ranging from podcasts interviews appearing regularly on national television shows such CBS The Early Show , NBC Today Show , Fox News Channel Morning Shows . Her book "The Perils Of Cyber Dating: Confessions Of A Hopeful Romantic Looking For Love Online" was released by Morgan James Publishing House (now known LifeTree Books) 2006 remains popular today amongst those looking tips navigating their way around swiping right left these days!

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